What's New and Site Changes on The Sexy Clothes Store

Here's what's new on The Sexy Dress Store. The site is still very new, so please mind the building work :)

14 May 2017

Wow, time flies when you're having fun. Or not. Sorry for the slow pace of site updates but I've had to move house AND look for a new day job.

Anyway, the good news is that you can now register on the site. The next stage is to allow register users to post on the discussion forum. I've had to spend a lot of time on the registration part in order to make it spammer and scammer proof. This is the biggest issue when building forums so I hope I've got it right and the annoying people don't spoil what we're building here.

In shop news I've added a skirts section as this is pretty much the most popular line of sexy clothing there is. The first 6 products added are all pencil skirts. The sexy secretary look is definitely one of the most popular fantasies out there so hopefully you'll love the new skirts I've added.

I've also done a little more shopping on my own store. I bought this One Legged Catsuit. It's a really nice material and a *very* unusual design. Wear this at a party and you WILL get noticed for sure!

I also got this white micro-swimsuit. It's definitely one for exhibitionists given that it gives hardly any coverage and is unlined. For just $6.37 it was a pretty amazing buy. For that reason I hardly ever buy clothes from a physical store these days - maybe you feel the same way?

Anyway, I've ordered a load more stuff and I'm now waiting for the slow boat from China :( - what I've found is best is to regularly order cheap $10 - $20 items on a weekly or monthly basis then you'll have a steady stream of new clothing unboxings to look forward to!

Oh, and the sexy clothing blog has a lot more content on there now, so check it out!

12 March 2017

The Discussion Board is now (partially) open. You can't post to it yet, but I'm working on it. Please bear with me while I add features to it. I've taken the decision to build the forum from scratch. I've operated forums in the past that use the off the shelf phpBB software but I've had so many problems with scammers and spammers registering and spoiling the whole thing that it turned into a nightmare.

So this time I'm starting from scratch and putting my trust in my 20 years experience of coding to do things properly.

The nice thing about having our own custom made forum is that if you want a feature added it should be possible to do so.

User registration should be open by the end of the month and I also want to put an emphasis on photo uploading as it's photos of clothes we'll probably most want to discuss.

8 March 2017

I've Just Shit Where I Eat!

Guys - I've ordered a few of the products in the store, just to make sure the ordering process works and I'm not selling a load of junk.

A reminder that for now all of the products in the store are ordered via and shipped from 3rd parties on AliExpress. This site is just a shop window - what I've done is to sift through the very poor search engine on AliExpress to bring you the best of what you can find on there if you spend ages and ages searching.

So all of the items I ordered were ordered via AliExpress.

To date, 2 items have arrived. One item was out of stock and was cancelled. Annoying but I found a different supplier and I'm now eagerly waiting for it to turn up. At some point I'll write a blog article about how to find rare products that keep going out of stock!

Anyway, the first item I ordered was this wet look mini-dress:

Wet Look Mini Dress

I ordered both red and black versions of this dress and they're both fabulous. They fit well and the material is really sexy. In fact these dresses are actually much better than a more expensive dress I ordered from the UK. And I had to pay postage on that item as well.

Delivery was fast as well - they took 16 days to arrive.

The Mesh Crop and Top Set shown below was a bit more of a mixed bag:

Wet Look Mini Dress

Delivery was only 10 days which was super amazing really. I've ordered stuff from the UK that has taken a lot longer than this, so for a China shipping company this was most impressive.

The item was exactly as featured in the photos. Unfortunately it's a bit on the small size so again, heed the advice to go large on the items in The Sexy Clothes Store as they're sized for Chinese girls and they tend to be quite tiny. My Chinese friend is a D cup and honestly, she has trouble finding bras that big in China. Most girls seem to be an A cup!

Well back to the item and it's pretty nice. I don't know how the model managed to not show any midriff though, and the skirt seemed a bit shorter than as shown in the photo. Actually the skirt is great, but for some reason the top's arms seem quite long and as the net material doesn't stretch much it doesn't fit my fat Western arms so well. Maybe I'll keep the skirt and throw the top away. The net material is lovely though, especially when a cool breeze blows through it. Wow.

3 outfits for $30 - the clear winner here is my purse. I hope you have as good a shopping experience on The Sexy Clothes Store as I have.

Popu Products

I'm listening to the Mandopop group Popu Lady while writing this, which reminds me of the really sexy outfits they wear in their videos. I'll feature them in the blog some time.

Anyway, there's now a page to list the most popular items in the store.

25 February 2017

Say Hello to Product Ratings

I've added product star ratings to products sourced from AliExpress. Ratings are on a scale of 0 to 5, with 5 being the maximum. In general if you buy a product in the 4.5 to 5.0 rating range then you will not be disappointed. 3 stars or less normally means the product is new and hasn't had much in the way or reviews. It might also mean that delivery is slow or (very likely) that the buyer's haven't heeded the advice to buy a size or two larger than their usual size.

More Product Images

Each product listing now shows all of the product images we could find that are associated with each product.

With AliExpress products you might see all kinds of stuff. A few buyers save on listing fees by listing multiple products under the same product if you get what I mean. So when you're buying items (especially lingerie and swimwear) make sure you order the design of the product that you actually want. The pink and black thong bikini is one example - this product is available in two very different designs. Of course, due to the low cost of the items my recommendation is to buy both items at the same time.

We're Now On Pinterest

I've also added a Pinterest account - find us at TheSCStore. I spend a lot of time browsing the Internet to bring new and exciting products to this store. If I find any sensational outfit ideas, I'll put pin them to a board.

20 February 2017

The Blog is Open

We've gained a blog - it's at blog.thesexyclothesstore.com/. I'll post some interesting finds I come across when sourcing new products to add to the store. I'll try and add some fashion trends on there as well. My tip for 2017? Chokers seem to be a big thing, at least in London. I'll try and add some to the accessories section of the store.

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