Sizing Information for Our Sexy Clothes and Fetish Outfits

Clothing and Accessories

When ordering clothes, be sure to choose the right size. The chart below should help you to convert between UK, Japanese, USA, European, New Zealand and Australian standard clothes sizes:

Shoe Size Comparison Chart

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If in doubt always order a size or two larger than usual. If you see clothing offered in XXL, XXXL or even XXXXL sizes then this is an encouraging sign that the item will be suitable for Western customers.

Some material is of course a lot stretchier than normal so you should have more luck with items marked as One Size. These generally fit up to a US size 12 without too many problems.

Bear in mind that most of our products are sourced from China where people are generally smaller than the average Western person. So when ordering it's usually best to order a size or two larger than you would buy in your own country. For example, if you're a Medium, go for a Large.

Some products are only available in One Size - Lycra/Elastane dresses tend to be pretty stretchy, PVC less so. Rubber fetish wear - well that's always a struggle to put on :(

Shoes and Footwear

When ordering shoes, be sure to choose the right size. Shoes are more expensive to ship to and from other countries than clothes and accessories are, so make sure you get the right size.

Most shoes featured on our store are sized in US foot sizes. Below is a chart to allow you to convert European, British, Brazilian and Australian standard shoe sizes into US sizes:

Shoe Size Comparison Chart

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Remember that shoes sometimes take a bit of time to wear in, so order them in plenty of time before a big occasion. Then you'll be used to wearing them, and they'll feel really comfortable.

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