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Cause we are living in a material world... And I am a material girl...

Madonna has worn some awesome outfits over the many years her career has spanned, and now you can build your own wardrobe of extremely sexy outfits. Don't worry - our items are mostly priced at less than $30 and have free delivery so you won't need a popstar income to shop here.

On this page there's more information about the different materials our products are made from.


Spandex clothes are generally stretchy and also shiny.

Wet Look

Wet Look is actually a pretty vague phrase when it comes to fetish clothing, especially if you're buying on Amazon, eBay or AliExpress.

While leather and latex or rubber clothing can certainly be wet look, on The Sexy Clothes Store most of the wet look clothing items are actually made from a man made spandex/nylon material. This material generally looks like this:

Wet Look Mini Dress

It is more stretchy than leather, cheaper than latex and generally costs a lot less than both.

Items made from this material are generally available in black, but a few other colours are available. Gold, silver and red are the other most popular colours.

When buying wet look outfits black is generally the safest if you want your item to last for a while. I've never had much luck with the gold or silver wet look items as they lose their lustre after a few wearings.


When buying products online (especially from China) be aware that a lot of leather products aren't actually real leather. If something says PU or PUA leather then it's just imitation leather, no cows involved. Be especially wary of lower priced products. Real, genuine leather is expensive, so if the price looks too good to be true, it's probably fake leather.

If you specifically want a clothing item made from leather, then read the product description carefully. Also read the reviews, because you'll sometimes see comments from other buyers who say that the item wasn't actually made of leather.

The good news is that PU leather is cheap, stretchy and feels really sexy. But it ain't real leather!

Here's an example of a dress that may or may not be made of leather:

Leather look dress

Who can tell? It's really hard. But the good news is this dress is really cheap and has acquired some great reviews.


Lycra is actually a registered trademark for a particular man-made fibre. It's used for loads of things but has become associated with sportswear and swimwear.

Clothes made with Lycra seem to last longer and fit really well. Most of the swimwear items in this store will contain Lycra.

Micro swimsuit

Rubber and Latex

When buying rubber and latex products from sites like AliExpress, the same advice for buying leather clothing applies, i.e. make sure that the item you're buying really is genuine rubber/latex.

Again, latex clothing tends to be quite expensive, even if bought from China. The Chinese don't have too much of an advantage with this material, as it's generally quite heavy to post out to you, especially if you're buying a zentai bodysuit or an entire dress.

It's also a good idea to look after your latex/rubberwear, as the material is more delicate than spandex or the other materials featured on this site.

One great advantage of buying rubberwear directly from China is that they can often custom make your order. So if you supply accurate measurements then there's more of a chance that the outfit will fit perfectly. It's also a chance to get perfect sizing if you're a crossdresser or transsexual.


While cotton isn't really that fetishy it has the advantage in that it's cool to wear and is also quite soft. It's a good choice for nightwear as man made fabrics like nylon can be a bit scratchy and don't let your skin breathe so much.

What's YOUR Favourite Sexy Material?

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