Your Prices Are Low - What is Product Quality Like?

Most of our products are made and shipped from China. Product quality can vary but as with anything else, the more you pay the (generally) better quality item you will receive.

Be sure to check the bottom of listings on AliExpress - popular products feature reviews so avoid anything with bad reviews. Obviously Amazon products also have reviews and it quickly becomes clear if a product is good or generally just rubbish.

Dress quality isn't bad from China. Swimwear is really good, but not quite up to Brazilian quality (yet). Nightwear is generally pretty good. Nightwear is a fairly safe option when buying online from China as it's usually one size fits all.


How Do I Order Products?

Click on the product link which will take you directly to our suppliers on AliExpress or Amazon.

OMG is it Safe to Order from AliExpress?

Absolutely! AliExpress is owned by the AliBaba Corporation which is one of the largest companies in the World. Join millions of other people in buying cheap and interesting items direct from the manufacturers or their representatives.

How Long Are Delivery Times?

Most products featured on our site are shipped from China. This normally takes around 3 weeks, maybe sooner. Allow extra time around Chinese New Year (usually the end of January - Mid February) and Mid-Autumn (usually end of September - early October). Also remember to order in good time for busy periods like Christmas and Valentine's.

Product Sizing

Bear in mind that most of our products are sourced from China where people are generally smaller than the average Western person. So when ordering it's usually best to order a size or two larger than you would buy in your own country. For example, if you're a Medium, go for a Large.

Some products are only available in One Size - Lycra/Elastane dresses tend to be pretty stretchy, PVC less so. Rubber fetish wear - well that's always a struggle to put on :(

What if I Received The Wrong Item!?

Unfortunately this happens and is quite common when ordering from China! If this happens then don't panic. Both Amazon and AliExpress will give you a full refund if your order doesn't arrive. If you're ordering a large quantity of goods or something costing more than $100 then you're also recommended to pay by Credit Card.

If the wrong goods arrive then usually you're entitled to keep the goods - it's too much hassle to send goods back to China so they'll often let you keep them.

It's quite commmon to be sent the wrong colour item - if this happens you can either complain or put it down to luck. Often different colour products are substituted in order to avoid you being disappointed and not receive anything at all.

Check the listings carefully (especially on AliExpress) as sometimes the vendor lists several similar looking items under the same product. I don't know why they do it, it's annoying but it happens.

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