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At The Sexy Clothes Store we bring you the hottest fashions you can buy online.

All of our items have been handpicked to bring you the best the World has to offer.

What Makes it into Our Store?

Items have been hand selected using the following criteria:

  • The item should be available and not constantly out of stock.
  • The item should have plenty of previous purchasers, so you know that the seller is reliable.
  • The item should have plenty of reviews, ideally of the positive kind. Many of the AliExpress products listed on our site have 4.5 or even 5.0 stars (out of 5).
  • Where possible, the item should include free postage and packing (this is less likely with shoes, because they cost a lot more to post).
  • The item should be sexy, maybe revealing and above all feel fabulous when you wear it.

There is a particular emphasis on clothing that feels as well as looks sexy. So there's plenty of PVC, wet look, latex/rubber and other fetishy looking clothing.

Our site specialises in women's clothing, but most of the items are suitable for men, ladyboys, transgender, crossdressers, cissys and anybody else who appreciates beautifully designed and made clothing.

Most of the items on our site are priced at less than $20, and many have free delivery to any country in the World.

If you love dressing up (whatever your gender) or just appreciate sexy materials then check out our sexy clothes and fetishes forum. On there you can talk about your love of sexy clothes (and the people who wear them).

Enjoy :)

Tina XX

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