How this amazing shiny spandex catsuit became my nemesis outfit Register Here

Posted by Tina
Registered User
12 Mar 2017 18:36

This outfit has a lot to answer for!

By the end of 2016 I kind of got bored of the inventory of sexy outfits on Amazon, so I wanted to try somewhere else.

Due to my dealings with the Chinese clothing industry (I lived there for a time) I knew about AliExpress - the emporium that's a bit like eBay but you buy direct from China. Anyway, while I was browsing AliExpress I came across this amazing one legged catsuit:

If you want to buy it, then find the product listing here.

It's available in silver, gold and black, and is made of shiny spandex stretchy stuff.

So I decided that it was so unusual I must have it. It's also the outfit that gave me the idea to start The Sexy Clothes Store. It took a lot of searching of AliExpress to find interesting stuff (the search facility is horrible!!!) so I had the idea to start a site showcasing the best items from that site.

Anyway, to cut a short story shorter, the first vendor I bought the catsuit from did not deliver the goods. How

frustrating! Especially since shipping from China can take a long time, so it took me a few weeks to source an alternative vendor.

Reordering doesn't appear to have worked - I still don't have the catsuit even though other items I ordered on the same day have arrived safely.

I am beginning to think this mythical catsuit does not exist.

I'll report back if and when it actually arrives and hopefully I can write an Unboxing thread.

Well if you want to order the same item then good luck - apparently they have 9000 in stock but I'll believe it when I actually get to hold the item in my hands.

If you've ordered this and had success or failure then let us all know. Leave comments below.

Posted by Tina
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30 Mar 2017 08:10

Unboxing alert!

OK so the mythical catsuit finally arrived. It does actually exist!!!

It came in the usual plastic shipping bag. Inside was the catsuit nicely packaged in a plastic bag:

Incidentally, sorry for the poor photos but this kind of shiny material is really tricky to photograph what with the reflections and everything.

So I unboxed the catsuit and it was all there - the main body and the two matching arm sleeve things:

The material is really nice and shiny and the quality is good. I ordered silver, and it was actually silver that turned up. It's also available in gold or black. I'd love a black version as well - maybe I'll get that one next.

It's a pretty good fit, I'd say that you'd have no problems up to UK size 14 (check here for international size conversion charts).

It's quite an unusual item - it would *definitely* get you noticed at parties!

The arms are a really good fit and don't sag/fall down. I really like them.

For material lovers I'll say again that the material is really lovely and feels nice. It's also got a fantastic sheen. It's definitely made of the higher quality shiny spandex material.

Time will tell whether the material lasts or goes bobbly. Still at this price it's definitely worth buying for a special party. It's best to hang these types of outfits up while not in use as that does seem to make them last longer.

Incidentally, I got a refund on the one that never arrived. Sadly they didn't refund my bank charges so I lost $3 or $4 on the deal. I'm more angry with my bank than anything, credit cards are a rip off!!!

Anyway, to summarise this is a great outfit and I'm really pleased with it. So are YOU going to order one for yourself (or a friend?)

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