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Posted by Tina
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03 Jul 2017 20:12

Looking for some leg clothing but bored of fishnets or sexy stockings? Then how about leg wraps?

Formerly beloved of porn stars, pole dancers and strippers, leg wraps are finally making it into the mainstream.

I'll try and add some leg wraps to the store just as soon as I find some good ones.

In the meantime, here's my 4 unboxings of leg wraps. I've got 2 standalone leg wraps for you, and 2 lingerie items with attached leg wraps.

So what do I mean by leg wraps?

It can be a bit confusing to look for them online. Search 'leg wraps' on Amazon and most of the search results will be like this:

Hmm, not exactly what I had in mind. But maybe they're quite fetishy as well. I love seeing volleyball players wearing these!

Anyway, back to leg wraps and what we're really looking for are these:

The first leg wraps I bought were from Amazon. They're made of ribbon type material and have leg garters. The garters have white backing and a ring of transparent silicone material on them that make them cling to the leg (the same stuff that makes hold-ups stay up). They were available in a range of colours. I seem to remember green, yellow and blue being available. I got mine in red. The photo's a bit small but they look like this:

These seem aimed mainly at the festival/rave market and they're branded iHeartRaves. They're quite comfortable although being made of an elasticated ribbon type material the ends started getting a bit frayed after a few wears.

I liked wearing them so I bought some more - this time a set in a metallic wet look material. This time I opted for black.

They're pretty identical to the purple ones shown above.

These are longer than the red ones. The leg garters are also ruched. I'm pretty happy with these - they look great and match all the other wet look outfits you can get from The Sexy Clothes Store and other sites.

I went a bit leg wrap crazy after this and tried some other styles.

Leg Avenue are well known for making lingerie and hosiery for sale in adult stores and online. I'm not a huge fan of their products, but I got this one all the same:

The nice thing about this one is that it also comes with arm wraps. They're really nice to wear but on the downside all that wrapping takes ages to put on. And the teddy part of it feels a bit cheap - a bit like most of the other Leg Avenue products :(

Finally there's this wet look leg wrap set which I found on AliExpress:

Well that's what it should look like in theory.

The good news is that mine turned up and it did look like the photo. Here's the panties - they have attached leg wraps and they're really long:

On the downside the set was pretty small. Maybe a UK size 10. The halter top wasn't so bad, but the panties are tiny. This is always the risk when buying lingerie on AliExpress, especially when products are marked as One Size.

Anyway, it's good to wear occasionally. I can't fault the leg wrap part of it. And being attached to the panties they're much easier to wrap around your legs. They're more comfortable as well with not needing leg garters to attach to.

Find more photos of this outfit on our blog here.

Over to you - have you tried leg wraps? Do you like them or are they uncomfortable and too much of a hassle to put on? And where would you wear yours?

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