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Posted by Tina
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02 Jul 2017 11:05

Do you cosplay? Who DOESN'T cosplay?

That's one of my favourite quotes from the legendary Grand Theft Auto 5 computer game.

I've definitely noticed a lot more cosplay going on these days.

I first noticed people cosplaying back in 2004 when I got interested in Japanese culture. But now cosplay has become almost mainstream, and not just in Japan.

In celebration of the cosplay boom, I've added a few costumes to the store. They're a bit more expensive than the other sexy clothes. But look at the quality of them - they're freaking amazing!

The good thing about these items is that they're much better made than the crappy costumes intended for a single wearing at a Halloween party. You'll want to wear them time and time again.

Anyway, enough rambing already. Here are some costumes...

Here's Takami Chika from Love Live! A lot of Japanese anime characters wear school uniforms. This one is a bit stand out for me because it's grey instead of the more common blue or black.

If you want to cosplay as a Japanese school girl then this sailor fuku is pretty great:

At this price point you'll be getting a proper cosplay outfit, and not some cheap junk!

Find this grey sailor fuku costume here.

Here's a generic maid outfit. This beautiful dress will allow you to cosplay as a maid cafe maid:

Again it's a great one to wear if you're a fan of Japanese culture but aren't too clued up about anime and manga and don't know any particular characters. Find this one here.

Actually, if you're clueless about Japanese cartoon/gaming culture and don't know who to cosplay as then you can do a lot worse than D.Va from Overwatch. She is an immensely popular choice.

Don't worry about turning up to an event wearing the same outfit as anyone else though. D.Va costumes come in many different designs. As well as dresses you can get catsuits, swimsuits, leggings, bodysuits and a few naughty items as well.

This D.Va swimsuit is pretty nice:

Just the thing for a beach cosplay party (if they are a thing).

Find some inspiration in our blog post 11 Sexy and Sassy Costume Ideas for Cosplaying D.Va from Overwatch.

The great thing about cosplay is that it's for people of all sizes and races. You'll always find something that makes you look absolutely freaking amazing in.

Take this Hardgore Alice maid costume:

It's dowdy. It's not revealing, but it IS sexy!

Find the Alice dress + accessories set here.

Finally here's another stunning vampire girl outfit:

Find this Krul Tepes vampire girl dress + accessories set here.

I guess the other thing about cosplay is that it's moved beyond the days when cosplayers tended to make all their outfits themselves. Of course you can still make your own costumes. But if you want to cosplay as more characters and don't have the time to make the outfits then it can make sense to buy them ready made.

P.S. If you don't see your favourite cosplay character in the store then post a comment here and I'll try my best to find a good costume to add to the store.

One character I haven't had too much success with so far is Tomb Raider's Lara Croft. I've really found it hard to source a good cosplay costume. The ones on AliExpress are a bit duff.

So what's your favourite cosplay outfit?

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