Who Else Loves See Through Plastic Raincoats? Register Here

Posted by Tina
Registered User
15 Jun 2017 07:25

Hey guys,

I've added a new coats and outerwear category to the store. I'll put any coats, gowns, capes and other garments here.

To kick it off I've added a few plastic Macintosh raincoats to the section. I really love these - do you love them as well?

It's awesome seeing people wearing these. Not the flimsy plastic polyethylene disposable raincoats that tourists wear round London in the Summer months. I'm talking stiff plastic raincoats that creak when you walk around. Coats that are really super stylish and belong on a catwalk.

In other words, coats like this:

If you like wearing your designer sexy clothes outside then you've got to get one of these just in case theatre nite coincides with rainiest nite of the year!

This one is the cutest thing ever:

And I just love the coat as well! Just the thing to wear on a hot thundery Summer's day.

All the coats featured here are available in transparent plastic. But if you like a splash of colour then most of them have contrasting trims. Here's a pink one:

Find more about plastic coats in our blog article.

All of the coats mentioned here are available in the coats section of the store.

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