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Posted by Kyle
Registered User
16 May 2017 20:11

Here's a thread for any sightings of cute outfits on Asian pop singers. These singers used to be pretty much unknown outside of East Asia, but thanks to YouTube they're becoming a lot more popular globally. And with good reason - their songs are catchy and their outfits are amazing!

Here's one example I really love:

This is Love Bomb from Popu Lady. They're a MandoPop group known for really catchy outfits and cute songs. Or is it the other way round? The group got a bit of flack for seemingly being made up of supermodels, but who cares when the song is just so damned catchy.

Another one of my greatest Asian pop songs is this one:

This time it's a Korean girl group called Miss A. The song is called Bad Girl, Good Girl. This song (and video especially) is pretty iconic and a great source of inspiration if you fancy making your own tribute dance act. At the time of writing this video had received an incredible 43 million views!

Finally here's my all time favorite Asian popstar - Jolin Tsai. She's done dozens of videos, but this one stands out as having a great song and some interesting outfits:

If you know of any more, then post them in this thread.

Posted by Tina
Registered User
15 Jun 2017 07:07

I'm posting this one because I love the song and the cuteness rather than the outfits.

If you're a fan of Lorde then you'll instantly recognise the song Royals. But have you seen such an innovative cover of it?

This cover is by an Asian group called P.O.P.

Their channel is quite new, but hopefully we'll be seeing a lot more of them in future!

Posted by Kyle
Registered User
12 Jul 2017 08:06

Cute dresses, heels *and* leg wraps - this Korean KPop video is worth a look:

Posted by Kyle
Registered User
12 Jul 2017 08:13

Switching countries for a moment, here's a great video from Thailand:

I'm totally in love with the backing singers who dance really well and wear such cute Brazilian carnival inspired outfits.

Incidentally the singer is called Kaothip Tidadin and the song is called O.K. Bor ai.

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