Thigh-High Stockings Sighting - The Children (2008) Register Here

Posted by CindyDoll
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28 Apr 2017 20:03

If you like thigh-high stockings then it's worth checking out a movie from 2008 called The Children.

It's a bit of a weird low budget British horror movie. It appears sometimes on the Horror Channel and maybe the Sci-Fi channel. Maybe it's on Netflix as well.

Anyway, I didn't like this movie much. It has a good idea (of creepy kids gone mad) but I just found it a confusing muddled mess. Much like this thread I suppose. As for the movie - IMBD users have rated it 6/10 which I guess is about right.

But enough with the plot (or lack of). For me the best thing about this movie is that Hannah Tointon's character called Casey spends most of the movie wearing black thigh-high stockings and a very short denim skirt. The thigh-highs are black fishnets, with a wide band at the top. It's quite unusual to see Western people wearing fishnet thigh-highs, but they're more common in East Asia.

Here's some screenshots:

As the movie progresses they get more ripped and bloodied if you like that kind of thing. I won't spoil the ending (which

I couldn't understand anyway) but the good thing is that she is in a lot of the movie (and doesn't get killed in the first 10 minutes - which would be the point at which I'd stop watching it anyway!)

This could actually be quite a good Halloween Cosplay outfit, but I guess the movie isn't well known enough for it to be a real hit.

BTW it's quite gory in places so don't watch it if you hate blood.

Would you watch this movie? And is this a great slasher movie outfit?

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