Wet Look and Mesh Material - a Match Made in Heaven? Register Here

Posted by Tina
Registered User
02 Jul 2017 15:53

So who else is a fan of outfits that combine wet look spandex type material with mesh materials?

What the hell am I talking about?

Dresses like this Honour Everdeen mesh dress:

It's sexy and revealing. But also practical in hot climates where clingy wet look material on its own could be too hot.

There's a few similar clothing items on The Sexy Clothes Store. About the most popular is this wet look and mesh two piece set:

Wow, visible thong alert!

Find this set here. Be aware that it's quite small (maybe a UK size 10). The skirt's not too bad, but the arms are quite tight fitting. I guess that's the big downside to mesh materials - they're not as stretchy as the wet look faux leather material.

If you've found any other similar outfits, then post details here.

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