Wet Look Neoprene Dress - Anyone Tried This Material? Register Here

Posted by Tina
Registered User
02 Jul 2017 15:40

Hi guys,

Has anyone tried out neoprene dresses? I found one on the Honour clothing site:

Find the dress itself here. She's called Selene (the dress, not the model).

Is this dress really different to the usual Latex/PVC/faux leather outfits out there? It looks interesting. It's a shame it's around $150. Honour dresses are good quality though and I've had several over the years.

Neoprene itself started off as a material for making wetsuits:

More lately it's been appearing in swimsuits and bikinis. It makes you think why people didn't have the idea before of making bikinis out of the same material used to make diving suits.

If you've been shopping for swimwear then you might have seen these Neoprene bikinis. They're usually in bright colours and have several contrasting panels:

They feel kind of nice although I prefer standard clingy lycra swimsuits.

Post any other neoprene dress sightings here.

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