Any Zentai Lovers Here? Register Here

Posted by Tina
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19 Mar 2017 17:54

Hi everyone,

Is anyone interested in Zentai? While researching products for the store I came across some Zentai stuff on AliExpress.

I tried accessing the Zentai forum at but Ayus seems to be down and may not come back. What a shame.

Anyone from Ayus Zentai who wants a new home to post content to, you're welcome to start new threads here. At the time of writing this forum is still being built but our Facebook Group is open and you can post suggestions there.

So what is Zentai? I've seen quite a lot of Zentai stuff being advertised. But the word seems to be overused, especially by vendors on eBay, Amazon and AliExpress. It's rapidly becoming a word for Halloween and general fancy dress costumes. Also Cosplay stuff.

For the purists, THIS is Zentai:

Interesting. I do have a thing for full body leotards/catsuits/bodysuits and similar. I've never tried a full body (including head) Zentai suit. I suspect if I did I would like it. I do get a bit claustrophobic though. This could be a problem.

Anyway if you're into Zentai, then point me into the direction of where the shop (and of course this forum) should go. What do you want to talk about? Where do you get your suits from? Is it better to get them custom made? Is stuff sourced from China any good?

I guess these are other the questions we need to be asking:

Should a Zentai forum be just for full bodysuits that cover the feet and the head?

This metallic silver bodysuit is gorgeous, but is it true Zentai?

Should we go into Cosplay stuff?

This is a fabulous bodysuit. But is it really Zentai? And who wears this stuff (outside of Cosplay conventions of course)?

(Find this one here in the store)

Finally is anyone interested in Superhero spandex bodysuits?

Are these Zentai? I guess Spiderman was the first Zentai wearer - what a trendsetter.

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