My Cycling Shorts Fetish Phase - Anyone Else Like Wearing Them? Register Here

Posted by Kyle
Registered User
21 Mar 2017 17:05

Does anyone else have a thing for cycle shorts?

This was one of my earliest fetishes and I started secretly wearing them while in senior school. At the time they seemed to just make the move from sporting accessory into mainstream fashion and they were the first sexy item of clothing I bought for my collection. My first pair were long (nearly knee length) and had a pink stripe down the sides. I loved the shiny nylon material - this is what attracted me to them in the first place.

Later in life I wore cycling shorts quite a lot during winter under my pants as they're really good as thermal underwear.

I've kind of fallen out of love with them lately though. I think the main reason is that I just can't find good pairs any more. My fantasy pair was a pair of black very thin shorts made out of a kind of slinky wet look material. Maybe there was some viscose in the mix. They were classics and I mourn their passing.

I love it when I see women wearing cycling shorts. It's quite a rare thing nowadays though. I was in a car once and we overtook a woman cyclist who was wearing a shocking pink cycle top and matching shorts. That was freaking awesome.

Of course men can legitimately get away with wearing them - but only when cycling or wearing under soccer shorts.

I wore mine for a while when I went to the beach but I was never sure if they were legit clothing to wear if you weren't actually straddling a bike at the time.

So let's hear it for these under-appreciated items of sexy clothing. Maybe they're the one item of clothing that looks as good on a man as they do on a woman?

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