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Posted by Kyle
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27 Mar 2017 22:14

I'm not sure if this is a really weirdly obscure fetish or whether it's quite a popular one.

Actually I think it's quite a popular one as there is at least one store selling plastic pants (and other clothing as well). I know plastic raincoats are especially popular but my thing is for smaller items... specifically plastic pants.

This fetish started when I was very young. I'm not sure if the pants I found belonged to my little sister or my great grandmother!!! Anyway, I liked to put them on if I found them as they felt so good and I liked that they were fairly transparent.

It's long ago but I think they looked like this:

I think these days a lot of incontinence pants are disposable, but I guess in the 1970's and early 80's they were more durable as money was tight and people tended not to use disposal stuff so much.

One last factoid - apparently in Japan sales of adult sized incontinence pants have now overtaken those of toddler sized ones.

Well if anyone else is interested in plastic pants then post your thoughts below. And if you want to buy some check out Plastic-Pants.com

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