Anyone Like it When You Can See The Top of a Girl's Tights? Register Here

Posted by GlamGirl
Registered User
29 Apr 2017 20:04

I've noticed recently that girls are starting to show the top of their tights more. In other words, you can see the panty part of the tights, or the part where the sheer leg material becomes less sheer. Sometimes it's a black or tan band (depending on the colour). In other words, this:

Is this a fashion thing? A faux-pas? A wardrobe malfunction or something else?

Do you find it sexy?

It's been a thing in Asia for quite a while now. I certainly noticed while I lived in China that girls routinely show the top of their tights. Even my BFF showed tights tops. I don't think Chinese girls were wearing shorter skirts or shorts than Western women. I think it was simply due to the way the tights were manufactured. In Chinese manufactured tights the control tops seem to be a lot longer than usual. These are a good example:

Some tights seem to be specifically designed to be shown off. For example, these have pattered leg tops that are crying out to be shown to the whole World:

BTW these things are visible even where the tights haven't started falling down/getting baggy or the skirt has ridden up.

They seem to just be routinely visible.

Anyway, if you like this thing then post about it in this thread.

I'll add some more photos when I find them.

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